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Food Review: No Homer

27 April 21 words: Jason Edgar

Cold cuts, vegan style...

When you think of contemporary American pop culture, two shows rise above all others: The Simpsons, which dictated how an entire generation of people laughed, talked and referenced current events, and The Sopranos, the HBO series which redefined not just the mobster genre, but TV itself. Now imagine that someone combined the unique characters of the former with the iconic deli meats of the latter. Now imagine that company is in Nottingham. And now imagine that their entire product range is vegan. Marone a mi

If you’re still with me – and who could blame you if you weren’t – then you’re in for a treat, because No Homers might well be my favourite vegan company ever. If you’ve taken the pledge to go meat-free but miss rummaging through cold cuts in the fridge (white robe and panic attacks optional), the Notts-based purveyors of vegan ‘meats’ have got you well and truly covered. Not only are they incredibly tasty, but they’re all named after Matt Groening’s finest creations. 

It’s unpossible to think just how far cruelty-free meats have come in a relatively short space of time, and No Homers are the finest example of what can be done in the cruelty-free meat market. Having sampled pretty much everything on their menu during several visits to their stall at Sneinton Vegan Market (their products are also available in several Notts spots, including The Avenues, Prickly Pear The Dice Cup and more), I can highly recommend the salami-style Don DiMaggio, the Fat Tony (pastrami) and the turkey-esque Professor Frink. They even do full roasts (which I had on Christmas Day), as well as pie and sandwich fillings. Things really are coming up Millhouse. Jason Edgar

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