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Green Light in the City

Illustrator Daniel Allen Takes on His Favourite Notts Pubs

15 August 21 words: Daniel Allen
illustrations: Daniel Allen

Local illustrator Daniel Allen pays homage to five of his favourite Notts watering holes...

The Dragon

Soundtracked by superb playlists and covered in plants, this hidden gem brings in punters young, old, and everyone in between. It’s also the only place where everyone can lubricate and still be the designated driver. Crucially (and legally) with a Scalextric remote, not car keys.

King Billy

Christened King William IV, but like an old chum affectionately known as the King Billy. And much like an old chum, visiting this place feels like a home away from home. The best place to knock down some pints while knocking down some balls.


A pleasure for both your eardrums and your taste buds. The palpable atmosphere of a love of good tunes and a love of good beer culminates in a magnetism that will leave you sat basking in it all for hours.

Thurland Hall

The oasis in the desert. Come rain or shine, Old Reliable will be there to quench thirst when others won’t.

Stratford Haven

A great pub with great people and great beers, but with the golden trio comes an understandable contest for a seat. Once you’ve acquired your throne for the evening, get comfortable and bask in your victory. But it’s probably for the best that you hold your visit to the toilet in order to keep your reign.


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