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Jenny Joss' Causes to Care About in 2021

10 February 21 words: Jenny Joss
illustrations: Carmel Ward

Despite my numerous attacks on his rather limited wardrobe choices, my Editor was gratuitous enough to gift none other than I, Jenny Joss, Nottingham’s most inspired gossip columnist – an entire page to spread my new year cheer. While this may surprise you – after having read my monthly reports on Nottingham’s rogues and rascals found on page 7 – I really do care deeply about the welfare of this city, so have decided to temporarily change my tune, and give exposure to the charities, groups and general luminaries who are planning big things for 2021 and deserve your support… 

Nottingham C.A.N 
Formed in the back-end of 2020, Nottingham Community Artist Network (C.A.N) made a name for themselves with their series of workshops encouraging men to be more open about their mental health struggles, which culminated in the release of a poetry anthology. Through artist-led research, and arts delivery and events, they’re now aiming to enrich our local communities, both educationally and creatively. With the announcement of their ‘Reviving the Chapel’ project in the beloved Angel Microbrewery and a possible friendship with MP for Nottingham East (and our other dazzling columnist) Nadia Whittome teased on Instagram, I’ll happily place my bets that these are the ones to watch.

Home Delivery Nottingham 
During lockdown 1.0, the hero behind Home Delivery Nottingham, Harry Grout, set up this food delivery service on the first day he was furloughed from his full-time job at a gin distillery – talk about wasting no time. At the height of the pandemic, he was busy ensuring shielding customers had access to fresh, locally-grown fruit and veg while they were stuck twiddling their isolated thumbs. Over the last eight months, the enterprise has expanded and is now providing NG postcodes with produce from a host of local farms and bakeries, and even treats us to plums, pears and apples from his family’s garden and allotment. And, if the bank man gives him a mortgage, we’ll spy a physical store opening in Keyworth later this year.

The Nottinghamshire Mental Health Helpline
While I enjoy nothing more than lambasting you folk for actions you ought to be ashamed of, one thing I wish to make clear to you readers is that asking for help when you’re struggling is not one of them.Delivered by national social enterprise Turning Point,  which has provided specialist mental health services on behalf of the NHS in Nottingham for over thirty years, the Nottinghamshire Mental Health Helpline is accessible from 9am until 11pm, seven days a week. Once connected, you can speak to an experienced, trained worker who is there to listen, support, find solutions or advise you how to move forward with your life, or find a little bit more light in this seemingly incessant darkness. 
0300 555 0730 

Femme Fatale Gals
In my humble opinion, 2021 is the year we all need to work harder at dismissing those negative voices inside our heads. And, what a better way to do it than with the help of words from warriors around us. Femme Fatale Gals is an annual magazine and self empowerment platform that’s produced three successful issues and amassed over 2000 followers since its conception in 2018. Curated by Khaya Ayomide Job, passion and pride radiates from her posts, and more copies of Issue 3: Purpose, have now been restocked after a sell-out launch. Having previously held talks on empowerment, mental health and relationships, I for one am intrugied to see where the Femme Fatale Gals go next. Oh, isn’t it good to see a local girl succeed.

Be Scene And Heard 
Those I’m Not From London mischief-makers, normally known for larking about in our local music venues, have won a bid to run a youth music project involving young people with any level of deafness (tinnitus, partially/fully deaf) in songwriting, recording music and writing, recording or acting in music videos. The free to access events will be delivered online from their shiny new premises at Fisher Gate Point alongside Nottingham-based singing teachers, videographers, producers and musicians from Monday 25 January - Friday 12 February. Don’t waste any time getting involved, and let this be a lesson in how to successfully break down barriers in new and exciting ways, kiddos.

Slow & Flow Yoga 
As a daily bubble bath kind of girl myself, this darling knows the importance of taking a few minutes out of the day just to breathe, focus on myself and acknowledge my emotions. However, I’m not naive enough to think we’ve all mastered the art of mindfulness. Slow & Flow Yoga preaches the message of slowing down and giving space to your thoughts through the practice of yoga, among other methods. Self-care Sundays are a series of online workshops run by Isabella herself, each with a different theme; coming up this year we have sessions on sleep, journaling and the exploration of self-care as a concept.

The Wolfpack Project
Not knowing where to turn in times of loneliness is an isolating experience, and one I hope none of you will experience thanks to the work of these do-gooders. The Wolfpack Project is a local charity dedicated to reducing loneliness and social isolation among young adults in our city. They provide members with Wellbeing Wolf-Packs, stocked with self-care, happiness boosting items such as puzzles and healthy snacks, and through their Buddy Scheme they are able to provide one-to-one support, encouraging individuals to engage in new hobbies, pursue their passions or attend events. If you’re looking to grow your social circles locally, check out their virtual support groups too.

This was, frankly, one of the best things to come out of the catastrophe that was 2020. The FlyGirl community pride themselves on unapologetically connecting and empowering womxn of all shades while prioritising those of colour. Their consultancy services encourage business owners and larger organisations to put strong policies in place to better serve their staff, using a combination of diversity and inclusion workshops, training days and more. Their website is also home to a directory which increases job opportunities for womxn of colour and, in a post-COVID world, they’ll be running some inspiring events too. Please, somebody tell a girl what’s not to admire.

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