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The Thompson Brothers on Rom-Coms, Love Songs and Their Favourite Vegetable

3 February 21 interview: LeftLion

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

Favourite love songs
There are thousands of brilliant love songs, so it’s hard to choose. But since you’re pushing us to then I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten by Dusty Springfield, Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye and Long Live Love by Sandy Shaw. We also love Something by George Harrison, although it’s better sung by Shirley Bassey. The old ones are the best and these are all really fantastic songs.

Favourite romantic films
Well, it’s not like we sit together and watch love films every night, but I suppose we do enjoy the odd romantic comedy. We like Scent of A Woman, where Al Pacino plays a blind man and has the tango scene with a young lady. The End of The Affair is a favourite, but obviously we’re talking about the fifties version, not the remake. Oh and The One and Only, where the Fonz, Henry Winkler, becomes a wrestler. Those are all marvellous films. Casablanca is terrible though, as are most modern day American rom-coms.

What else do you love?
We love fruit and vegetables. If everyone ate more of them the world would be a better place. Vegetables that are in season are particularly delicious; right now garden peas are amazing, roasted parsnips are to die for and Brussels sprouts are gorgeous. Savoy cabbage… mmmmmm. And can you imagine life without roast potatoes? What would be the point?

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