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10 MORE Albums You Should Listen To This Month

28 January 21

Also featuring a single / EP or two. Because our city’s creative folk have been cooking up some heat...

Beats & Words Vol 1

Just shy of celebrating 10 years together making music as Congi this January, the end of 2020 was busy for Alex and Gaz. In December they joined forces with Yazmin Lacey for their instantly-classic Two Takes EP, exclusively released on Bandcamp via 10” vinyl. The next collab that screams, ‘abaht time’, came from Gaz following news of his bass heavy CKY RIP / Same Old release via Pond Life’s label. Producing under his Frost moniker, only 50 units of the fitting ice-cold clear vinyl were available, making it another opportunity to nab a piece of limited edition Notts history.

The final special moment came from Alex, showcasing solo work as TULIP88 in debut, digital release Beats & Words Vol 1 (with Vols 2 and 3 coming soon). Don’t let the humble EP name fool you - it’s a seven-track extension of Alex’s production palette, looking backwards at his hip-hop roots to move forwards into this exciting new era. Bright, optimistic and packed with heaps of nostalgia, samples ranging from trip-hop vocal snippets to dusty guitar melodies build warm and addictively hypnotic loops. As an integral member of the local music scene, the community spirit is continued with artists Bakes, Franky Bones and Juga-Naut providing some lyrical flows. In Low Light, verses utter “see the beauty in your music like a newly blossomed Tulip” and it’s significant. This EP is Alex in full bloom. Eileen Pegg.


A truly enigmatic individual, HEURT possesses incredible musical dexterity, displayed on latest release, Velvet. Encompassing a delicate blend of layers within a variety of genres, the EP kicks off with effervescent indie-pop chillout bop Pressure before moving into the retro electronic sonics of Be Someone (Else), swiftly followed by the haunting melancholy of chamber-pop title track Velvet and the devastatingly beautiful Drunk. The diversity of the album leaves you at a direct juxtaposition from start to finish. Laura Phillips


With a wealth of experience under her belt – previously making music in the UAE and New Zealand - bedroom producer Saffron now turns her attention to serving some upbeat lo-fi goodness to the city of Nottingham with latest release Control, collaborating with fellow local creatives Finn B and SIAN. The four-track EP provides a perfect summary of Saffron’s heavily layered and cleverly manipulated sound, providing an intimate and slightly off-kilter, almost dream-pop feel, whilst retaining its contemporary tone. Laura Phillips


After taking time out of social media, Bru-C returned to our screens in November to announce new album plans. But that wasn’t all, sharing mental health battles while normalising speaking out and getting help to his followers. Bru-C’s no stranger to community efforts - raising money for the NHS with a Krudd clothing drop - but this project goes one step further on a deeper, personal level. 

Described as a “positive, life-affirming album that would connect with people”, you might have seen him out and about on the streets of Notts asking people what made them Smile while the release gained momentum. Featuring guest names including Example, Charlie P, Holy Goof, Paige Eliza and a vocal debut from Jade Kelly, if you’re into UK music spanning bassline to DnB then let’s be real, you’ve probably heard Smile already - the 3 million streams (and rising) in December say it all. If not, it’s a big moment from an ever-evolving local artist whose world is worth exploring.

2 SUIT(E) 1 

2 SUIT(E) 1 is full of the UK Garage influence that has inspired Littlefoot's recent releases. However, this record is not a throwback to the 90s. In fact, the only nostalgia in this release is the distant memory of a time when we could occupy dancefloors, a space where this record would certainly excel. The first track, Ancient Fruit Wine, has an infectious acid house melody that will have your toe tapping wherever you are lucky enough to consume this record. Rory Evans

Chloe Rodgers
The Algea (Single) 

Nottingham singer songwriter Chloe Rodgers gives us her latest single The Algea and it is worthy of many listens. Beautiful and dreamy vocals deliver a powerful message of controlling lovers and how her naivety was stolen. A great arrangement that includes a dominant string section, this is much more than a simple pop song and her voice flits to show both fragility and the strength of a survivor throughout. For me this is Chloe's best release to date. Bassey


Coralie enters 2021 with three brand new tracks that embody the chaotic nature of his productions. However, this record is more experimental than Coralie’s previous dancefloor focused offerings. This is explained by the fact that Coralie says this release is the result of a difficult festive period, offering “an insight into his head at this time”. As such, these tracks will resonate with many and the void of danceable melody illustrates the pain of our current climate. However, what remains is beautifully powerful. This is potentially Coralie’s most raw and emotionally vulnerable release to date. Rory Evans

Soft Girls & Boys Club
Jeefy Hymns

Submerged in warped guitars and hazy vocals, Soft Girls & Boys Club’s deluxe album Jeefy Hymns is the epitome of psychedelic dream pop. From Yoga for the Dead, the first single released from the album, to the funky saxophone of Stupid Cupid and the melancholic Sleepy Ben, the whole album encapsulates the feeling of a euphoric dream. The band draws inspiration from Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala with elements that are reminiscent of Sgt Pepper. Jeefy Hymns is clearly a gem. Molly Dodge-Taylor

Rudi feat. Amanda Thomsen
Through the Night (Inc. Patawawa and Duo-Tone Productions Remix)  

A package of stunning collaborations that further showcase Rudi’s abilities to craft irresistible electro-pop-funk hooks, with a guest invitation that allows Amanda Thomsen’s talent to shine through. Written in Italy in collaboration with the Scandinavian songstress, it’s a self-confessed invitation to “escape from everyday life and have fun”, and we’d expect nothing less from Rudi. Duo-Tone reimagines the track with a future-disco feel, while Matlock’s most energetic trio Patawawa strip things back and add more swing to round off an excellent remix package. Eileen Pegg

Benjamin Luhis
Benjamin Luhis 

Raw, analogue instrumentals ooze out of the speakers, each chord caressing your soul in this uplifting four-track EP - the fantastic follow up to 2019’s Social Music. Created with the concept of navigating through the complications of loving yourself and creative expectations, it makes sense that you’re left feeling comforted by the time final track Your Arrival comes to a close. The slow-building It’s Complicated is an earworm-worthy highlight, comprising perfectly placed solitary guitar plucks, before organ tones, funky sax and Luhis’ signature guitar licks burst through. Eileen Pegg

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