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Bake Off and Pie's Baz the Baker Provides Flour for Lockdown Baking

1 January 21 words: Giselle Phanto

Since lockdown, home baking has emerged as one of the nation’s favourite hobbies. But while demand for bread has gone up, flour has been tricky to get hold of...

Baz the baker from independent micro-bakery, Bake off and Pie, has come to rescue, by dividing his own huge bags of quality flour into smaller, affordable quantities, so that people can bake at home. He’s also providing fresh yeast – what a hero.

Working around the clock at his bakery in New Basford, Baz has been applying thirty years of experience to make a delicious selection of baked goods, keeping Nottingham nourished during a difficult time.  

Traditionally, his bread has been baked using British flour, mainly sourced from the Cotswolds, Yorkshire and Green’s Mill in Sneinton. Bake Off and Pie’s Sourdough and granary bread are the top sellers.    

We asked Baz: What do you think the future holds for independent bakeries, especially in light of coronavirus? 

He replied, “I think independent bakeries will do quite well. We provide something that is needed, and most of us will adapt and survive. It’s just about how we go about doing it. As we adapt over time, I think we’ll see solutions. It’s good. Bakeries are rising to the challenge.”

Something to look forward to, and great news for vegans is Baz’s legendary sausage rolls, which will be making a reappearance at ‘The Not a popup shop’ in the future.

If you’d like to tuck into Bake off and Pie’s tasty goods, they are available at ‘The Not a pop up shop’, based at Unit 2, Northgate Place, New Basford, which is open on Wednesday and Thursday 11am-1pm, and Saturday 10am-12 noon (visit Bake Off and Pie’s Facebook page to pre-order and pay by card). You can also find them stocked at The V Spot and the Thompson Brothers Green Grocers.

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