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Overheard in... The Comments Section

29 January 21 words: Big Baby

With town being a bit deserted of late, Big Baby decided to dip into the comment sections on our social media accounts to find some of the odd things you lot write to us…

“Wonder if they'll have seats, or doors, or bog roll”


“I am truly disappointed in you LeftLion


“Had breakfast in a caff in Sleaford a few weeks ago – disappointed no mods came in”


“Polish Joe used to drop us off some homemade Polish sausage (first time I tasted garlic)”


“Dave Bartram used to sing for Showaddywaddy”


“Unfortunately, there's no bulldozer emoji”


“I still think my proposal to install a 50ft high Godzilla rip off kinetically eating the wreckage is way more ‘on brand’”


“The All Saints made a top five gig at Rock City FFS”


“You just want to go boy racing on a Sunday night”


“Looks like a great place to drink K cider”


“Stupid question but where IS North Nottingham, exactly?”

“Just North of Nottingham”


“I’ve already read this article”


“Noooo, not the toilets. The amount of times I've held someone's hair back or found some girl crying in there was part of the night”


“Started well then I felt Caspered”


“Please don’t make me look stuff up”

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