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Michael Krawec on Nottsflix, the YouTube Channel Dedicated to All Things Notts

25 July 21 interview: George White
photos: Curtis Powell

Michael Krawec set up his YouTube channel, Nottsflix, a few years ago to practice his video editing and scratch a creative itch. Little did he know, he was about to become the face of the county’s obscure history…

Have you ever wondered why St Ann’s Well Road is called St Ann’s Well Road? Have you ever questioned whether the Asda in West Bridgford has any historical significance? Or have you ever thought about how nearby Gotham inspired the home of Batman and The Joker? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Michael Krawec - who runs Nottsflix, a YouTube channel dedicated to Nottinghamshire’s lesser-known history - has got you covered. 

From in-depth interrogations of Broadmarsh’s past to fun facts about local potato farming in the 1700s, Michael is slowly establishing himself as the king of niche Notts knowledge, and is picking up a loyal viewership along the way. Yet that wasn’t always the plan, he admits.

When people find something that is so specifically related to where they live, they can get quite attached to it

“When I started my channel, I initially thought I’d make a video about Broadmarsh just to practice how to make videos before moving on to stuff that I thought people actually might want to watch,” Michael says. “But then it did really well, which was a massive surprise. It still amazes me that my weird videos have been so popular.” 

Since that first Broadmarsh video in November 2018, Michael has gained over 78,000 views on his channel, with masses flocking to the Nottsflix page to find out what obscure and interesting facts he’ll come up with next. In that time, he has worked hard to increase the production value of his documentaries and find new and unique ways to keep people engaged - with recent videos featuring a CGI spaceship, a demonic-looking Henry VIII and a superimposed Ben Mendelsohn.

Michael explains, “I take inspiration more from the YouTubers I watch, rather than traditional documentaries from TV. I'm a big fan of H Bomber Guy, who has quite chaotic humor but is also very informative. I didn't want to make straight-laced documentaries. It's my channel, so I can do what I want, which is great. If I want a spaceship destroying Broadmarsh, I can do that.” 

As well as his tongue-in-cheek humour and lighthearted editing techniques, the local sensation believes his videos have become such a success because people want to learn about their own culture - even the weirdest areas of it. “I guess even the most boring thing can actually be quite fascinating, if you look at it through a historical lens,” Michael claims, adding that because so many documentaries have a largely national or international focus, “when people find something that is so specifically related to where they live, they can get quite attached to it.” 

Going forward, Michael has a long list of topics he wants to cover and exciting angles he’s eager to take. As always, be sure to expect the unexpected. “I like focusing on stuff that people don't know much about. I would like to expand beyond history at some point, and I’m hoping to visit more places and do proper investigations into more current issues, like student accommodation. I will generally keep a Nottinghamshire focus, though, that’s for sure.” Whatever Michael decides to do, expect it to be funny, informative and one hell of a ride.

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