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8 Art Exhibitons to Check Out in Nottingham in 2021

17 June 21 words: LeftLion's Art Team

Our Art team runs through the most exciting, innovative and immersive exhibitions and collections which will be taking over our city’s venues over the next five months...

BLACK: Yesterday, City Arts
The first instalment in a three-part exhibition at City Arts, BLACK: Yesterday aims to amplify marginalised voices across the city. The exhibition features work by their artist in residence, Nottingham-based Honey Williams, spanning 2004-2018. Through sketches, collage, illustration, poetry, diary entries, artist interviews and blog posts, it highlights issues of systemic racism, colourism and misogynoir. Runs until Thursday 10 June. Lauren Bendsley

Phoebe Boswell: Here, New Art Exchange
Here is an immersive exhibition that allows us to see and celebrate the nuance of people and their communities. The exhibition explores the meaning of belonging and freedom and is inspired by Boswell’s own personal history, which is rooted in colonial traces and contradictory legacies. Her multifaceted approach, which combines drawing and digital technology, reflects the complex lives and histories of communities which are often marginalised, homogenised and side-lined as ‘other’. Runs until Saturday 24 July. Kelly Palfrey

Matt Collishaw, Lakeside Art
Lakeside’s Matt Collishaw exhibition pays homage to the work of the Nottingham-born artist. In this self-titled exhibition, Collishaw’s work plays with the idea of opposites to explore and challenge the moral dilemmas of the modern age: nature is artificial, beauty is despair. Collishaw draws inspiration for these works from the history of art and photography, as well as modern technology and animatronics, to confront and remind us of the deceptive nature of imagery. Runs until Sunday 5 September. Kelly Palfrey

Allison Katz, Mélanie Matranga and Erika Verzutti, Nottingham Contemporary
Playful and tactile sculptures, humorous paintings layered by language games, and film and installation art inspired by our private lives and intimate experiences – these are just some of the things you’ll encounter in Nottingham Contemporary’s three solo exhibitions by Allison Katz, Mélanie Matranga and Erika Verzutti. The exhibitions, while distinct, all feature new works produced within the last year, offering a timely reflection on our relationship to touch, isolation, and domestic lives. Runs until Sunday 31 October. Lauren Bendsley

LIQUID i, Primary
LIQUID i is a new and evolving work of performance, audio-visual installation and experimental text, by artist Rebecca Lennon. A three-channel video uses carps, vampires and shape-shifting liquid as a poetic metaphor for themes of finance, housing, the body, the voice, and the porous nature of selfhood. Runs until Saturday 10 July. Lauren Bendsley

Making Place, Primary
Who imagines the city? Making Places reflects on Primary’s project over the past three years, where they have collaborated with residents in their neighbourhood (Lenton and Radford) to explore issues of place-making, gentrification, and public sculpture. Who has the power to shape places, and how can communities interrupt and re-imagine the space? Through images, objects, sound, and video, the exhibition both reflects on the past and generates ideas for the future. Runs until Saturday 10 July. Lauren Bendsley

Power: Freedom to Create, National Justice Museum
Featuring artwork in a range of mediums, the exhibition explores ‘power’ in its broadest sense, through a mix of contemporary and historic artwork made in criminal justice settings, alongside newly commissioned work by six artists and writers. The exhibition encourages visitor interpretation, through interactive walls and gallery guides. If you are not able to visit in-person, you can also view the exhibition in virtual reality on their website. Runs until Sunday 31 October. Lauren Bendsley

Share Bears, BACKLIT
Throughout the pandemic, BACKLIT’s creative community continued to connect online each week to share their experiences and works in progress. This group show presents fourteen new collaborations between 28 creatives, developed in the past year. The works collectively explore themes of self-reflection, locality and domestic settings as well as the processes of making work and the sharing of knowledge. Runs Friday 11 June - Sunday 4 July. Lauren Bendsley

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