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5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This Month

18 June 21

The latest Nottinghamshire releases...

These Difficult Times (Album) 
Formerly known as Zero Theory, Theorist is a producer who has been making tight instrumental music in Nottingham for nearly two decades and more people should know about it. The title track sounds like the lovechild of Portishead and Flying Lotus, Exit sounds like a particularly tense level on a nineties beat ‘em up and Risk Management could be an offcut from the Stranger Things OST. Eleven tracks on here in total, all of them a small emotional journey in their own right – it's well worth a delve through the back catalogue too. Jared Wilson

Jah Digga and Congi
Therapy (Single)

Jah Digga opens a new chapter in his life, delivering a sobering lesson to us all. His storytelling bars confront his past – a childhood trauma and a cocktail of addictive habits – to lay down a new direction moving forward. Putting these obstacles to bed allows him to clear the path. Congi’s beat amplifies Jah Digga’s intimate lyrics, making sure the rapper’s message is at the forefront. Elliot Farnsworth

Alex Mighten (Album)
One of the tightest freestyle rappers in the local scene, it’s surprising that it’s taken three decades for the artist formerly known as Karizma to put out his debut album. A prodigy of Big Trev’s St. Ann’s-based CRS staple, Alex was once part of the early noughties supergroup Outdaville. Mike Skinner has made a career out of music like this, but even he can’t sing soulful harmonies to his own raps this well. Jared Wilson

Diana Drill
Working on Me (Single)
The intriguing, enigmatic Diana Drill’s latest single feels like another step forward on her path to establishing herself as one of the greats on the British drill scene. The masked rapper uses Working on Me as a platform to send a direct message to her doubters, showcasing her impressive vocal versatility in the process. We’re expecting big things, and can’t wait to see what comes next.  Jason Edgar 

Space Dolphin featuring Harleighblu
Energy (Single)
Space Dolphins release their second single Energy from the forthcoming debut album More Than Soul and it's the perfect sound for the Summer. The Leeds based hip-hop/jazz crew have collaborated with Nottingham's soulstress Harleighblu on this single and produced a sound that is full of love, hip hop beats and jazz improvisation. Hypnotic drumbeat and jazzy sounds form the perfect backdrop to Harleighblu's passionate vocals and a must for the late-night listener. Bassey

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