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Nottingham Creatives Launch New Platform To Tackle Everyday Racism

5 March 21 illustrations: Rachael Hibbs

Be The Change, launched by Yasmin Bryan and Jade Vowles of The Media Group UK, is already being used in schools in help educate in the fight against racism... 

Two young Nottingham creatives from The Media Group UK have launched a new platform to help tackle racism, following a research project to understand the everyday ways people are affected. Since being launched, the platform is already being used by schools as a resource to help educate pupils. 

Following the Black Lives Matter movement last year, Yasmin Bryan and Jade Vowles created an initial resource online for people to express themselves and support the movement, which gained an incredible response.

This year, along with the help of their friends and their colleagues at The Media Group UK, they created a questionnaire for the general public, the answers of which were used to inform the recently launched video and platform 'Be The Change’, which highlights some of the ways that people don’t always realise are racist and offensive. 

Yasmin and Jade explained, “After the success of the Black Lives Matter movement last year, it was important for us to keep the conversation going, to highlight that social justice isn’t just a trend that stops and starts with a hashtag and a black square. The aim of our new Be The Change platform is to continue the discussion and highlight that a passing comment to one can be a lifelong scar to someone else. The only way we can make a change is to be the change, to keep listening, learning, reading, talking, sharing and fighting for what is right.”

Since launch last week, the platform and video has already gained an incredible response on social media, with the duo being approached by local schools who have requested to use it in lessons as a way to educate and inform pupils on everyday racism.

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