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5 New Notts Albums You Need to Listen to

2 March 21

The latest Nottinghamshire releases...


Sleaford Mods
Spare Ribs
Rough Trade Records

Impassioned front-man Jason Williamson soaked up the discontent of a nation floundering in furlough schemes, smothering it with his own abhorrence for critics, industry rivals and buffoonery of the Government. This is possibly his best work to date, neatly packaging it up only to then unapologetically gob it in your face with his vitriolic, signature style.

Silent partner and beat boffin Andrew Fearn shows no inclination of getting stuck in a creative rut. Here he unleashes a barrage of stylistically diverse, filthy, smacking drums and huge, bass throbbing beats that shows a natural progression and evolution of their unmistakable, signature sound. It's time the band were given their due credit as undoubtedly one of the most important bands to come out of the UK in over a generation. One9Ate7


Yazmin Lacey & Congi
Two Takes

Two of Notts’ finest and most beloved musical talents joined forces last December, emerging from the studio victorious with a record that should seriously not be overlooked. To hear Yazmin’s radiant yet pitiful vocals and profoundly introspective lyrics over Congi’s expertly crafted spatially sparse soundscapes is a treat that we should all indulge in. Closing track Dust is an absolutely stunning, tantalizing late contender for my 2020 Track of the Year. Incredible. Liam MacGregor-Hastie 


F Boogie
Rainbows in the Rubble

This February, the Notts veteran emcee returns. Lyrical skill and captivating storytelling ability is showcased while experimenting with different flow patterns and pacing over his lavishly self-produced beats. Packed full of optimism and hope for the future, it feels like a new day is breaking and the weight has been lifted. After the year we've just endured, this is exactly what we’re in need of as we all search for our Rainbows in the Rubble. One9Ate7


Lost Sound Book
Running Circle

Sixteen short tracks showcase a timeline of influences for Guohan, whose life has taken him from Ningbo to Notts via Shanghai. Circle bursts the LP open with bright eastern strings coupled with acid licks. The rest is hard to define – sometimes it’s hip-hop, using vocal samples and horns replaced by ancient instruments, sometimes it’s funk with flex-a-tone wobbles. Walking down Alfreton Road and Lees Hill Hideaway round off a stunning fusion of contemporary and traditional music. Eileen Pegg


The Peaceful Ones
7000 Possibilities of Existence 

In his final project, Pete Woosh dedicates regular studio sessions to translating his never-ending and thought-provoking ideas into music. The result is uplifting, spiritual, danceable and ethereal; traversing beyond the foundations of the DiY sound. Following his path without assumption or genre, to the simplicity of the natural world in all its beauty, we are reminded to celebrate Pete’s spirit and eternal influence. This is our soundtrack. Rest easy, Peaceful One. Nick Strang

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