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5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This Month

24 May 21

The latest Nottinghamshire releases...

Dog Explosion
Livin’ Life (Album) 
Electro-industrial sounds underpin this album by Dog Explosion and intense lyrics are delivered with calm vocals. I immediately thought it was the kinda sound Sleaford Mods would make if they were middle class executives living in 1984 and singing about ulcers caused by their stressful jobs in the city. Livin’ Life gives us thirteen tracks and anyone interested in experimental synth beats along with a slightly quieter revolution should listen to this musical eccentric... I'm now a fan! Bassey

Champyun Clouds
Champyun Clouds (Album)

Champyun Cloud’s self-titled debut album sees the duo experiment with a dreamy collection of guitar riffs and synths. This avant-garde LP is an eclectic journey through time, sprinkled with both melancholy and lively tunes, drawing from an array of genres. Often traversing between psychedelia, synth-pop and new wave, the band’s first album falls nothing short of being an absolute gem. Serena Haththotuwa

In These Dreams (Album)

TULIP88’s teen years listening to hip-hop explain the soulquarian-esque sound he’s got going on. The featured artists season the beats with a fresh narrative, mixing soulful interludes with intricate rhymes, telling a similar tale to the producer’s: draw on the past, to shape the now. The 22-minute album feels like a gentle reminder to keep it real, or a thought-out push in the right direction. Elliot Farnsworth

Spotlight Kid
Darkwaters (EP)
Hot on the heels of the Roller Skate Disco EP, Nottingham-based band Spotlight Kids have now released their three-track EP Darkwaters, and it is bloody lovely. Multi layered harmonies and a shoegaze pop vibe give this five-piece band a huge hypnotic sound and a constantly forward-flowing feel that drags you along for the ride. They have developed a cocktail of influences from Cocteau Twins to Velvet Underground, and did I mention that it's bloody lovely? Bassey

Jonny Olley
Change (Single)
Channelling his rip-roaringly powerful vocal performance into this tour de force of unprecedented power and fury is a joy to the ears and a feast for the soul! If you don’t get goosebumps from blaring this out on your headphones then you need to make some changes in your life. An eruptive ode to man's perennial fear of the future and longing for past comforts. Liam MacGregor-Hastie

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