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Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Film Fans Set Up DIY Screenings at One Thoresby Street

10 November 21 interview: George White

We chat to George and Charlie Alexander, the brothers behind Jackie Treehorn Productions - a DIY project spotlighting exciting films for Screen fanatics across Nottingham...

What inspired you to set up your own film screenings? 
It’s hard to pin down exactly what has made us go down this route. Since our childhood, film has been a huge part of our lives so the idea of coming together and programming movies of our choice, in venues of our choice, felt like an exciting idea. The crux of it really comes down to having the freedom to push some of our favourite but maybe lesser known films. 

The events will be held at One Thoresby Street. Why this venue?
There’s not a place like it in Nottingham. The building itself is so distinct and with it being slightly out of town it wasn’t a very hard choice for us to make, if we’re honest. It has that exploratory feel which we think will be in-fitting for our inaugural screening. Knowing the style and pace of the films we wanted to start with, One Thoresby Street felt like the perfect venue to collaborate with. 

What sort of films can people expect to see?
We don’t want to limit ourselves by committing to any particular style or genre. For us, cinema’s strength lies in its diversity and this is something we are intent on displaying. We understand that there has to be an element of appeal to get people through the door, so programming films that people have heard of but may not quite have gotten around to seeing is definitely a path we are trying to go down. Generally speaking, though, expect to see original and exciting films from around the world.

What was the inspiration for the name? 
It's more self-indulgence rather than anything else! We’re huge Big Lebowski fans and Jackie Treehorn, played by the great Ben Gazzara, is the porn producer from the film. We might be showing slightly different films to Jackie (don’t expect Log-Jammin) but we thought this was a nice nod to a film we love so dearly.

Screenings will also be accompanied by projection graphics and music. Why did you want to offer more than just a movie? 
As much as we’d love to give you a ‘hammed-up’ answer about our passion for a fusion of all forms of creativity, it's much more practical than anything else. Projection work and curated music will only be before and after the screening. It’s important for the whole night to be coherent and atmospheric, rather than an uncomfortable and sterile thirty minutes waiting around. We are lucky enough to have some really talented friends who were just as excited as us to get involved and had a nice vision of how it could piece together. The film is still the primary attraction, though.

If people enjoy what we’ve done and feel eager for something similar again, there won’t be any hesitation from our end

How have you found the process of setting up DIY showings?  
It’s been a strange challenge but an exciting one. Deciding on a first film was obviously always going to be tough. In terms of tackling the space and the positioning of everything, we’ve had a great time. Walking into an attic studio space and trying to figure out how to turn it into a cinema is always going to pose problems but with help from One Thoresby Street and friends it’s become more and more clear in our heads.

What are your thoughts on Nottingham's Screen scene at the moment? 
It’s not perfect but at the same time it would be pretty crass of us to even attempt to slate the local stalwarts of Broadway and the Savoy. Broadway has especially been pivotal in amplifying and crafting our love of film. It has championed independent and foreign cinema that otherwise may have never met Nottingham’s streets and a serious amount of credit is owed to that establishment. The beauty of this project of ours is the fact we aren’t burdened with the same responsibility of programming. We feel free to put on whatever we want and, unfortunately, bigger companies like Broadway and the Savoy don’t have that same freedom. 

Are you hoping to become a permanent fixture of this scene going forward?
The short answer? Yes. The feedback from our first screening on 2 December will undoubtedly dictate whether we feel that something like this is needed in Nottingham. If people enjoy what we’ve done and feel eager for something similar again, there won’t be any hesitation from our end. 

Is there anything else you’d like to say to LeftLion readers? 
As a side note we’d love to thank our close friend Dan Allen who has devised our Big Lebowski inspired graphics, Adam from One Thoresby Street and all of our other friends and family that have given us advice and guidance along the way. 

Other than that, we are looking forward to opening our doors for you all!

Keep up to date with screenings from Jackie Treehorn Productions via their Instagram page

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