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The Best Places for Gaming in Nottingham

20 September 21 words: Jamie Morris

Video games have risen into the spotlight, and other aspects of “geek culture” are quickly following suit. Notts is home to a handful of awesome places where you can go along with your mates and dive into your favourite hobby, or even give something new a go...

Zero Latency

For those interested in virtual reality, dive into Zero Latency in the Victoria Centre – an immersive social experience in which you and your crew can explore digital worlds together. Strap on your headset and get absorbed in a brilliantly creative atmosphere. With the room being the same size as a warehouse, proximity alerts and viewable avatars, your body will become the controller and your mind will believe it is all real.

The Dice Cup

If tabletop gaming is more your cup of tea, roll on down to The Dice Cup on Mansfield Road. The board game café provides tutorials for people looking to get into Dungeons & Dragons, and hosts regular tournaments for card games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering. Dice Cup’s menu of cakes and coffee is also 100% vegan, making it suitable for all adventurers, regardless of dietary requirements.


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Alternatively, the super-stylish Ludorati café bar on Maid Marian Way boasts a collection of around 750 board games and its own escape room, with over 100 unique scenarios. Ludorati’s baristas are well-versed in both serving great coffee and helping out with the rules of the games they stock, holding GamesLab workshops to get new players up to speed.

Warhammer World

Another local roleplaying spot is Warhammer World, built specifically for people with the urge to assemble a miniature army and declare all-out war against their mates. Based just off Lenton Lane, this giant games workshop holds figure painting sessions, tournaments and more for Warhammer and its several spin-off games. A smaller Warhammer store can be found on Friar Lane that also stocks starter kits and holds events of its own.

Warhammer World

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