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Lost City

Overheard in Notts

22 September 21 words: LeftLion

Featuring Shrek references, e-scooters and more...

“I used to think dogs were dirty, but I’d breastfeed mine”

“You’re not disabled, you’re just fat”

“No it’s not the donkey that’s Scottish IT’S THE OGRE”

“I lost all respect for your dad when I saw him eat an egg custard with a little spoon”

“I really don’t see the point in Ravioli”

“She's like a millennial Karen”

“Cornwall, Rib Eye and AC/DC. Not necessarily in that order”

“I want to ride a bicycle right up into his arse”

“What’s the German name for Jason?”

“Wearing a wedding dress on your stag-do is just a bit cliché isn’t it?”
“We’re not trying to reinvent sliced bread here”

“You can’t throw a cat without hitting one of them bloody yellow scooters”

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