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Welcome to Nottingham Guide 2021

15 September 21

The free guide for all new students joining Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham, brought to you by the team at LeftLion... 

Hello there. Welcome to Nottingham, and welcome to your Welcome to Nottingham Guide - try saying that after (responsibly) downing a few Jägerbombs. Congratulations on getting into these top class universities and coming to this top class city. 

You might be coming at a strange, unpredictable time, but I’d argue there’s ultimately no bad time to make Nottingham your new home. Not too small, not too big, it really is just right. Goldilocks would love it, and you will too. Looking for a breath of fresh air? Try the Arboretum. Wanting to get your history fix? Take a trip to the Castle. Fancy a proper pint with your mates? Check out one of the countless bars and pubs that line the city’s streets. All of this without having to break a sweat (unless you’re walking up Mansfield Road - that’s a killer). 

University life isn’t always fun and games, though, and with exam stresses and the anxiety of meeting new people, things can get difficult sometimes. We have provided advice and guidance from an expert on mental health (page 21), but the most important thing is to reach out if you’re struggling - there are services at both universities that are there to help (page 20). 

Putting together this guide for you has been an absolute privilege, and we’ve worked hard to make sure you have everything you need to make the most of your time in the East Mids. I’d like to give a special thanks to Lilith Hudson and Frieda Wignall, who joined us straight from their own time at UoN and have been incredibly helpful with their excellent research and writing - and for making sure us ode folk keep things young ‘n’ fresh. Shout out to Meg Chadderton, former head designer of NTU’s Platform magazine, for penning a gorgeous cover, and our own designer, Natalie Owen, for making this thing look so good too. 

Hopefully we’ve covered all the bases and, after reading every word with impressive attention-to-detail, you feel equipped to take this next step in your journey with confidence and excitement. I know the past eighteen months have sucked - my own master’s at NTU was cut short by COVID (cue the tiny violins, please) - but things are starting to look better. Keep washing those hands and keep being sensible - together we can keep Nottingham open for everyone. 

If you need help with anything else or want to find out more about your new home, drop me a line. Despite what you might be led to believe, I don’t know everything about everything, but I do know what it’s like to study at both universities and I’m always happy to help. Until then, have a cracking time in your new digs and have fun checking out your new city. You’ll have a blast - and heaven knows you’ve earned it. 

Be excellent to each other, 

George White 

Editor of Welcome to Nottingham 
[email protected]

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