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Join the Hunt for Gilby's Gold and Win Notts Prizes Worth Over £700

4 August 22

Nottingham's most notorious criminal, Al 'Gator' Gilby, has made off with a chest full of Notts prizes worth over £700. We need you to help track him down and recover the goods...

The Hunt for Gilby's Gold is a free-to-play, city-wide treasure hunt that is available to play between Friday 5 August and Sunday 14 August. You'll need to track down Al 'Gator' Gilby, Nottingham's meanest criminal, and find out where he's hidden the loot, which includes:

- Group escape room from Escapologic
- Six-course taster menu for two at Sans Patrie
- A metre of pizza from Oscar & Rosie's
- £20 voucher for Five Leaves Book Shop
- £20 Blend voucher
- Three-month coffee subscription for Stewarts of Trent Bridge
- Four tickets to any non-tour Saturday show at Just the Tonic
- Free play for four people at The Dice Cup
- Meal for two at Ottimo
- £25 Treat Kitchen voucher
- £25 White Rose voucher
- Two cinema tickets and two pizzas from Broadway Cinema
- £20 Good Human Coffee voucher
- £20 Luisa's Vegan Chocolate voucher
- £15 Shop Zero voucher
- Two x 18 holes and cocktails at Lost City Adventure Golf
- Menu Rapido meal for two at Bar Iberico
- £30 Wild Clothing voucher
- Two annual passes for Nottingham Castle
- A hatchet throwing session for two at Hatchet Harry's

What You'll Need to Know

The Hunt for Gilby's Gold will require some walking, and maybe even a bit of talking. Some stages of the treasure hunt will involve accessing venues that will have standard opening hours. 

You won't need to bring anything with you except your brain, some patience, occasional access to the internet, a pen and paper and the sort of tools you can find on all smartphones. 

Each step on your adventure will bring a new puzzle or challenge, which you'll need to solve to reach the next stage. If you reach the final stage, you'll be in with a chance to win the entire list of prizes. 

The event will run from Friday 5 August until Sunday 14 August, and any person or team that completes the trail during that time will be entered into a draw, where one overall winner will be chosen at random on Monday 15 August. This isn't a competition to complete the treasure hunt in the quickest time. 

If you get stuck at any point, you can email [email protected] and we'll give you some little hints (if we're feeling generous). But if you want any more help than that, you're going to have to make a £5 donation to Framework. Just screenshot us the proof, and we'll tell you where you're going wrong. We've given all of the puzzles a good test, but if you think any of them are wrong or broken, just let us know and we'll have a look. 

Each puzzle has a unique number, so make sure you keep hold of them as you go along (unless you're told not to) - you're gonna need them to prove you completed everything. Ol' Gator Gilby don't look too kindly on cheats...

Puzzle One

That rascal 'Gator' Gilby left this clue behind when he broke in to steal the prizes, but we can't figure out what it means. But he left a note saying the answer will give you access to the next clue, which you can find below...

The Next Steps...

Once you think you've figured out the answer to the first puzzle, try giving this a click...

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