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Waterfront Festival

What Your Favourite Notts Spot Says About You

9 February 22 words: Lizzy O'Riordan

Here at LeftLion we don't like to be judgemental. We think of ourselves as open minded, free flowing types. That being said, here's a list of places in our great city, alongside an even longer list of stereotypes...

Broadway Cinema

You’re very sophisticated, or so you like to think anyway. Old, young, or somewhere in the middle, Broadway Cinema is a melting pot for middle class artsy types. You champion an independent film, and look down on blockbusters, even if you’d never admit to it. You’re not saying that you're better than everyone, but equally you do believe that you’re more politically informed and cultured than most. And maybe it’s true, from the big stack we deliver each month, we also know you’re a regular LeftLion reader. Bravo. 

The Bodega

The Bodega is a hot spot for Nottingham’s indie population and ex tumblr girls. You have an opinion on Arctic Monkeys and keep a mental list of their best albums (which you will share without much encouragement.) You like to order a Bodega lager semi ironically, because irony is a big thing for you. You probably smoke, or at the very least, are partial to a vape in the outdoor seating area. That being said, you could just like the pretty lights, and for that, nobody could blame you.

The Market Square

You’re either a pigeon or a teenager, they are the two options for this spot. Either way, you’re just minding your own business, yet for some reason people don’t like you. While the Market Square is always thronging with people, you actually stick around for extended periods of time, probably sitting on the steps of the Council House, or skulking behind one of the lions.

Stonebridge City Farm 

You’re the editor of LeftLion magazine, Ashley Carter. That or you fall into one of the following categories: parent to a young child, young child, or emotionally struggling adult. For the record, we support farmyard animals as a way of jamming some serotonin back into your brain. It does seem to temporarily work.

The Arboretum 

You’re a student. More specifically, you’re a student who doesn’t work very hard. The Arboretum is the number one Nottingham spot for Trent students skipping their lecturers on a sunny day. On that topic, you really do enjoy a tinny in the park when the weather is good. There really is no better feeling than relaxing when you’re meant to be somewhere else.

Sneinton Market 

Very similar to the Broadway goer, you love art. In fact, you’re probably an artist yourself, and therefore strongly believe in supporting local businesses. As you should. It’s altogether possible that you have or at one point had a micro fringe, and somehow pulled it off. Either that or you’re a skateboarder, and dress like you haven’t moved on from the 90’s. We mean that as a compliment. 

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