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Hetain Patel’s Exhibition Trinity Comes to the New Art Exchange This January

11 January 22 words: Lizzy O'Riordan

Showcasing the largest solo exhibition by Hetain Patel, Trinity is coming to the New Art Exchange this January...

In an exciting partnership with the John Hansard Gallery, we can expect Hetain Patel’s exhibition Trinity at the New Art Exchange by the end of this month. 

Trinity is Patel’s largest solo exhibition to date, and also the name of the artist's ambitious new film, which will be presented at the New Art Exchange from 29 January 2022. Combining dance, martial arts, and sign language collaborators, the film continues Patel’s exploration of language and physical communication. 

Trinity (2021) marks the final film in Patel’s trilogy and henceforth the exhibition will also feature the films acclaimed predecessors: The Jump (2015) and Don’t Look at the Finger (2017). 

Ever interested in the ways that film and culture intersect, The Jump (2015) connects the fantasy of Hollywood action and superhero films with the domestic setting of Patel’s British Indian Family in the UK.

Don’t Look at the Finger (2017) examines the highly-styled genre conventions of the Hong Kong martial arts films and how they have permeated mainstream Hollywood films via blockbuster films like The Matrix and the films of Quentin Tarantino. 

Combining themes from the first two films, Trinity (2021) features a young British Indian Woman (played by Vidya Patel) and a young deaf garage worker (played by Raffie Julien) engaging in a fight, creating a unique physical language that combines martial arts and sign language. 

Once again we can look forward to Patel’s representation of the British Indian experience on screen, alongside an exploration of the truth that our bodies hold beyond language. 

Commenting on the exhibition, Patel notes that he wants visitors “to feel they are stepping into the kind of ‘at the movies’ experience” which he feels is missing from mainstream society, “the experience of being taken away by a trilogy of epic cinematic films, featuring complex culturally marginalised characters.”

Hetain Patel’s exhibition is presented in partnership with John Hansard Gallery and was shown there in 2021. Trinity has been financially supported by Arts Council England, John Hansard Gallery, New Art Exchange, Sadler’s Wells, Gulbenkian, Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation, British Art Show 9, and produced by Tilt Films. 

Trinity will be showing at the New Art Exchange from 29 January – 23 April 2022. You can find more information on The New Art Exchange Website

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