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Nottingham Castle

Overheard in Notts

28 July 22

Baguettes, bras and bones all feature in this month's Overheard in Notts...

“When I got too tired at work I’d go to the disabled toilet, lay loads of toilet roll on the floor and have a little lie-down.”

“I like to think my style is chavletic.”

“That’s the noise my tits make when I take my bra off.”

“I hate feeling all your bones wiggling under your skin.”
“Well, excuse me for having a skeleton.”

“I’m just all full of meat right now.”

“Baguettes are so weird. Why are they, like, so long?”

“What's a dopamine hit?“
“Just anything to keep the existential dread away.“

“She was American, too, so she didn’t understand the concept of shame.”

“My old boss used to say his name was Fred West.”

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