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Nottingham Castle

Overheard in Notts

27 June 22

What do salsa, Hitler, Jamiroquai and eye patches have in common? They're all in this month's Overheard in Notts, of course...

“I used to be able to polish off an entire jar of salsa with one packet of ready salted.”

“She’s not liked in Buxton now.”

“That's a nice baklava.” - An observation about Ukrainian Territorial Army attire

“Julie’s just had a newborn baby.”

“If she was a paint, she’d be magnolia.”

“Scuse me, uh... Jamiroquai lad? You got a light?”

“I heard him on the treadmill. His whole body sounded like it was clapping for the NHS.”

“Take me down to Nottingham city where the gals are rough and the beer is shitty.” - Drunken lad singing on train

Man one: “I didn’t know Hitler was a punk guy.”
Man two: “He was the ultimate punk guy.”

“When I was a kid I had to wear an eye patch and it actually made me more popular.”

“He was dancing a minute ago, but now he’s struggling to open a tin of soup.”

“I was just thinking how nice it would be to be a dictator.”

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