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The Thompsons on Whitesnake, Jubilee Parties and Obi Wan-Kenobi

17 June 22 words: The Thompsons
photos: Natalie Owen

Featuring eighties hair metal, Jubilee celebrations and a true hatred of Star Wars...

We went to see Whitesnake at the Nottingham Arena with our friend Lizzy Baxter. They were the best we’ve ever seen them – and this is our fifth time, we’ve been to watch them every time they’ve come to Nottingham. They were polished, there was no dilly-dallying and it was just hit after hit. The support acts were Europe and Foreigner who were both great too.

Jubilee Parties
We’ve decided that we’re going to close for three days! We’re shutting the shop on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to celebrate the Queen’s remarkable service. We’re planning to go to two street parties over that time and we’ve also bought a load of bunting to put around the house and in the shop windows. We can’t wait!

Obi Wan-Kenobi
We watched one of the Star Wars films once. It was a complete and utter waste of our time. We just can’t understand what people see in it. What is the point in all of that stuff? We do like Ewan McGregor though, he’s a good actor and was excellent in both Brassed Off and that film about Beatrix Potter.

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