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Lost City

Gig Review: Ferocious Dog at Rock City

4 May 22 words: Bassey Easton
photos: Richard Davies, Chud Photography

This genre-blending Notts band are known for creating a hell of an atmosphere at their gigs - and this special event at Rock City was no different... 

With their origins in Warsop, Nottinghamshire, Ferocious Dog play to a home crowd of loyal followers on this hot and heavy night, and they give their fans a full day of entertainment.

The event starts at 2pm, with the smaller stage given over to a great mix of acts including JollyRoger, Sir Curse, and Nasty Fishmonger, as well as Nottingham's own Shanks' Pony and Chloe Rodgers, with the main stage hijinks kicking off at 6pm with support band Fudge, a four-piece, swaggering band from Leeds who declare this to be their biggest show to date - and they do not disappoint. They're definitely a name to look out for on the gig scene going forward.

Next up is Leslie George Carter, AKA Fruitbat from 1980s band Carter USM, with his other band, Abdoujaparov - named after a famous cyclist - who have a very 1977 punk-influenced sound. The songs are fast, furious, and spoke of Brixton riots and hard times - and the audience as they provide a taste of what is to follow.

All are welcome to the tribe at a Ferocious Dog gig, and their up-and-coming tour later this year is bound to be special

Now, the last time I had the chance to see Ferocious Dog was at the Dot To Dot Festival in Rough Trade back in the day. It was a hot evening with no room to move or breathe. Fast-forward several years and the band are now playing Rock City, and once again it's a hot evening - but at least breathing is a little easier this time.

They play an immense two-hour set full of highly-fuelled punk/folk sounds that keep the Hell Hounds fans entertained, as they get involved in a highly charged mosh pit, as 1,000mph tribal anthems that include accordion, banjo, mandolin, cello and penny whistle, alongside electric guitars and drums, take over the venue.

Half-naked fans stand on shoulders to dance and pay tribute to the band, giant party poppers explode over the crowd, and a sea of mohawked dancers turn the venue into a giant sauna. 'It's all about you,' shout Ferocious Dog - and the fans repay them with a wall of sound, demanding more songs. This is half-gig, half-circus, and the fans are a real part of the performance.

After ninety minutes the band leave the stage, but the Hell Hounds wouldn't leave the room and demand another half hour. You won't find many bands who genuinely care about their fans as much as FD, as they declare their love and appreciation for everyone who has come to the gig, ask folks to think of others in times of hardship, and even call out birthday greetings to named fans.

All are welcome to the tribe at a Ferocious Dog gig, and their up-and-coming tour later this year is bound to be special.

Ferocious Dog came to Rock City on Saturday 30 April

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