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Waterfront Festival

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30 May 22

If you're a writer, illustrator or photographer, come and join us at Antenna on Tuesday 7 June and get involved in Nottingham's culture magazine...

Exciting news - we're hosting our first in-person Open House in three years!
Come along to Antenna to meet the team, find out more about what we do, and join our list of writers, illustrators and photographers. Without the help of our super talented volunteers, LeftLion wouldn't be what it is today - and we need you to make sure we stay the best magazine we can be!
As well as getting to work alongside us lovely lot, you'll get the chance to grab free cinema and gig tickets, book exclusive interviews, and get your work seen by thousands of people across the city. What more could you ask for?
So if you're a fan of LeftLion and want to get involved, now's your chance. We hope to see you there!

We have a favour to ask…

LeftLion is Nottingham’s meeting point for information about what’s going on in our city, from the established organisations to the grassroots. We want to keep what we do free to all to access, but increasingly we are relying on revenue from our readers to continue. Can you spare a few quid each month to support us?

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