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PubhD Preview: An Interview with Simon Tarr
12 August 2018

PubhD is back at The Vat & Fiddle on Wednesday - we sat down with one of the speakers, Simon Tarr, to learn about how he has been preparing

PubhD Preview: An Interview with Michelle Strickland
17 September 2018

PubhD is back at The Vat & Fiddle on Tuesday - we sat down with one of the speakers, Michelle Strickland, to learn about how she has been preparing

PubhD #35: Electronics, Engineering and Chemistry
15 March 2017

PubhD returns the evening after Valentine's Day, bringing with it a whole lotta love. Of science...

PubhD Preview: An Interview with Vivyan Lisewski-Hobson
20 November 2018

PubhD's November event is a tree special - we had a chat with one of the speakers, Vivyan Lisewski-Hobson, to learn about how she's been getting ready for this tree-mendous event

PubhD #29: Classics, Chemistry, and History
8 August 2016
PubhD bursts into summer in a very warm Vat & Fiddle
PubhD Down The Vat: Antibiotics, Roman Phoenician Coins, and Macroecology
14 February 2017

PubhD powers into the new year, celebrating its third birthday. The format hasn't changed in those three years – three local researchers each have ten minutes to talk about their work, followed by a twenty-minute question and answer session..

PubhD #30: Anti-Bacterial Resistance, Wetlands and Sustainable Chemistry
31 August 2016
At each PubhD event, three researchers from any subject area explain their work to an audience in a pub in exchange for a drink or two. The talks are at a "pub level"
PubhD #31: Russian Heavy Metal Music, The Roman Empire and Trees, Education in Cuba
27 September 2016
Time for three local researchers to decamp to PubhD at The Vat & Fiddle to talk about their work  
The Clever Clogs of PubhD
13 June 2016
"Three local researchers have ten minutes to explain their work. There's no PowerPoint presentation, but speakers are allowed to bring props, and have to talk at a 'man in pub' level"
PubhD #28: Astronomy Special
6 July 2016
It's all about science at the owd Vat and Fiddle
PubhD #21: Chemistry, History and Mathematics
3 November 2015
Get the lowdown on what the boffins are getting stuck into for their PhDs, but in plain speak
PubhD at The Vat and Fiddle: Psychiatric Hospitals, Mathematical Networks, and Human Geography
27 November 2016

Clever clogseses come from near (University of Nottingham) and far (Nottingham Trent University) to talk about their research in front of a pub full of interested punters. It must be PubhD

PubhD at The Vat and Fiddle: Deafness and Blindness, Carbon Capture, and Global Studies
21 March 2017

Spring has sprung, science is in the air. Three more researchers came down to PubhD to tell us all about their work over a pint or two, and our Gav Squires was there to gather up the good stuff…

PubhD #19: Theoretical Physics, Politics, Security Studies
25 August 2015
Three local researchers each have ten minutes to do a "pub level" talk about their research with only a whiteboard to present with
PubhD #20: Chemistry, Mathematical Physics, Biomedicine
23 September 2015
Can three researchers explain their research to pub goers in just 10 minutes with only a whiteboard to help?
PubhD #25: Literature, Mathematical Physics and Microbiology
21 March 2016
Did you know there's about 30,000 useful chemicals in crude oil? Or that you can model a black hole in a bath tub? Us neither
PubhD #26: History, Physics and Chemistry at The Vat and Fiddle
28 April 2016
How will local researchers cope with only having ten minutes to talk about their work?
PubhD #27: Politics, Palaeontology and 'Pies vs Parson'
23 May 2016
"There is nothing alive today that is like them, which makes looking at their biology very difficult"
Talking Sexuality and Gender Identity in the Pub
8 May 2017

PubhD. The evening that combines research with... pints. With the Lavender Language and Linguistics conference taking place in Nottingham, PubhD put on a special event, inviting some of the conference attendees to speak. The theme of the conference was Language, Gender and Identity, and each of the talks fitted into this theme...

PubhD at The Vat and Fiddle: Cultural Astronomy, Osteoarthritis and Kindertransport
7 November 2016

Every month, some of the city’s cleverest clogs meet up in the pub to share, in layman’s terms, what they’ve been researching for their PhD. The next one is on Wednesday 16 November at The Vat and Fiddle if you fancy getting down to learn a thing or two…

SciBar at The Vat & Fiddle: Rebecca Dewey on Watching Your Brain
11 August 2017

Having previously appeared at PubhD and the University of Nottingham's Public Lecture Series, Dr Rebecca Dewey continues her quest to appear at all of Nottingham's scientific public outreach events by coming to SciBar to talk about Watching Your Brain.