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Art Works: Rob White
17 September 2013

"The sky at over 4000m above sea level is unreal, a blue so deep it could drive a painter to insanity"

Art Works: Eva Brudenell
15 February 2013

"Over the last year the iconic buildings I’ve drawn have included Home Ales in Daybrook, Shipstones Brewery in Basford, and Victoria Baths in Sneinton"

Art Works: Joe Bright
24 March 2015

Check out the creative process of a man whose hand and eyeballs must hurt very much. All in the name of detailed landscapes

Art Works: Corrina Rothwell
30 December 2014

'There's nothing more rewarding than engaging people and getting a reaction: it could be laughter, or recognition, or "Ewww"

Art Works: James Michie
20 September 2012

"An object that is familiar but altered is satisfying to me, like a good puzzle"

Art Works: Sara Baker
2 March 2013

"I like creating things in the image of nature but also use contrasting materials"

Art Works: Marcus Clarke
13 February 2015

"It's a pet dog's coat that I've then imbued with puppetry, irreverence and the illusion of life"

Art Works: Tom Stoker
17 October 2013

"I’m a perfectionist - I think it’s something to do with being a Virgo - once I start I won't stop until the piece is completed"

Art Works: Laine Tomkinson
25 June 2013

Laine Tomkinson tells us about her piece 'Gil Scott-Heron'

Art Works: Louisa Jane Irvine
18 August 2012

" As a child I loved going to fabric shops to look at the spools of ribbons and threads, feeling and collecting different colours and textures"

Art Works: Paperworks by Hannah Lobley
15 October 2011

"This is all down to a book I once accidentally left out in the rain"

Art Works: Homage To Catalonians by Katrine Brosnan
13 January 2012

"A coming-together of the drawings I did while people-watching on a trip to Barcelona"

Art Works: Minding Pennies by Kristy Guest
10 March 2012

"I want to document people’s disregard for small denominations of currency and to see how things change over the next decade"

Art Works: Tomas by Gillian Lee Smith
27 August 2011

"The colours I use are always muted and aged; each piece has the look of something from a time gone by"

Art Works: Tim Mayfield
27 July 2017

A few words from the artist behind this bleddy beautiful Koi...

Art Works: Shane Buckingham
18 August 2017

The local artist reveals how drawing is a welcome "side effect" of his brain injury...

Art Works: Sarah Yates
25 August 2017

The artist on her illustration of the best burger joint in town...

Art Works: Chrissy Curtin
23 September 2017

The local artist on her creative process...

Art Works: Tracey Meek
26 September 2017

Artist Tracey Meek on her very cute Snow People...

Art Works: Marcus Gillmore
22 November 2017

The Letter F

Art Works: Adam Willis
12 December 2017

Origami Girl

Art Works: Hannah Yates
25 December 2017

A local artist lets us in on her creative process...

Art Works: Georgia Fry
18 September 2018

Our gal Georgia Fry on how skateboarding helps her approach her art... 

Art Works: Rikki Marr
25 September 2013

"It has a mix of sarcasm, silliness and seriousness. I think people recognise that as an element of the Nottingham identity"

Art Works: Stuart Akroyd
17 September 2014

The glass blowing wizard lets us in his studio to find out what it takes to create his work...

Art Works: Hedboy
12 September 2014

Pro-doodler Jonathon Upton (aka Hedboy) lets us in on his illustrative secrets...

Art Works: Martha Glazzard
28 January 2014

"I’m intrigued by how customs come about and whether they are still observed today"

Art Works: Michael Nam
18 March 2015

"I was one of those kids who would record a Saturday morning cartoon so that I could later squint past a warped VHS image and sketch out the characters"

Art Works: Jamie Gibson
10 March 2014

"I find that interesting people, from whichever field of work they are in, make better subjects"

Art Works: Ian Jones
28 May 2014

"I have brushes made from Aztec symbols, from fish bones, from floorboards. It’s such a powerful tool - I like the freedom of it"

Art Works: Sid Sottung
5 May 2014

"The look has a strong foundation and a loose, soft internal layering technique that represents the movement and fluidity of the exaggerated lengths"

Art Works: Michael Cowell
6 July 2012

"There is nothing more satisfying than lifting the screen off that final print to discover that you actually got most of them right"

Art Works: Barney Melton
29 October 2014

We're talked through the art of a one-of-a-kind portrait that puts the selfie fad to shame

Art Works: Josie McGilvray
9 October 2014

We're talked through the processes of making steampunk-style jewellery with a delicate edge

Art Works: Youthoracle
17 February 2015

Rapper and grime artist uses boobs as his muse...

Art Works: Susi Henson
30 July 2014

We speak to the lady who's made corsets for the likes of Dita Von Teese about her favourite piece

Art Works: Helen Taylor
8 July 2014

Have you seen that bed filled with wildflowers knocking about in Notts? The lady behind it gave us an insight into the project

Art Works: Julie Vernon
22 October 2013

"There’s something special about the colour gold, it elevates an object into a source of pride and glory"

Art Works: Angelo Murphy
13 December 2013

"The thoughts and inspiration behind the work for my show draws heavily on folklore and mythological themes; a rich quarry for any artist"

Art Works: Adrian Tasker
25 November 2014

"The cardinal sin for any designer is to not research your subject"

Art Works: Kit Anderson
28 November 2014

A local artist reveals all her secrets of fusing her photographs onto ceramics...

Art Works: Lauren Gill
19 October 2017


Art Works: Adam Brett
9 November 2017

Toy Photography

Art Works: Matt Jordan
29 September 2019

He's recently been painting for the Spit and Sawdust pop-up gallery...

Art Works: Worlds Collide by Maxrock
3 September 2011

"I didn’t want to overload this one with meaning as I find that people will always see hidden meanings if they wish to"

Art Works: Trace by Trish Evans
22 December 2011

"I’m one of those people who loves really rubbish-looking architecture, boarded-up buildings and decaying concrete"

Art Works: Ethan-Carrick Maguire
11 February 2014

"As a twelve-year old from St Ann’s, living in the hood equips me with a passion to do well in life"

Art Works: Sophie Johnson-Hill
15 August 2017

The illustrator and animator on the beauty of a child's imagination. N'aww...

Art Works: Kathryn Rose
14 October 2015
A local artist tells us of the creative process behind her collection of textile creatures
Art Works: Kay Shannon
23 October 2015
A nimble-fingered artist reveals all about her dot work piece Pathera Tigris and what exactly makes a creative mind tick
Art Works: Sarah Beeny
24 August 2015
We love a good Notts tribute, and so does this owd mucker
Art Works: Clare Leavy
21 August 2015
What does glitter, pineapples and a truck load of colour have in common? Clare Leavy, that's what
Art Works: Nicholas Wright
13 July 2015
This local artist lets us in on his artistic process and the things he gets up to when he's not drawing really detailed balls of fire
Art Works: Sarah Cunningham
6 June 2015
After finishing her art degree at Loughborough University, the Nottingham artists lets us in on her secrets...
Art Works: Feargus Stewart
3 June 2015
"This is a manipulation of a Life magazine image by John Dominis of Steve McQueen being his usual boss man self"
Art Works: Tilly Mint
18 May 2015
Explore the thought processes behind the other-worldly art born from a Mimm Collective artist
Art Works: Elliott Caine
14 May 2015
Local designer, printer and graffiti artist Elliott Caine of lets us in on his artistic process
Art Works: Maseu
20 April 2015
"If Robin Hood was alive today, I think he'd say 'steal rich people's walls and give them to the poor'"
Art Works: Kirsty Black
8 April 2015
"I'll be stood in ASDA and see someone who looks like a Quentin Blake character from a Roald Dahl book, and I'll go home and draw them"
Art Works: Oliver Lovley
16 May 2013
"I’m influenced mainly by books like Les Tres Riches Heures from the fourteenth century. These pictures show medieval society throughout the months of the year"
Art Works: Bob Evans
6 November 2015
The back of a bus has never looked so good, thanks to this local artist's use of oil and watercolour
Art Works: Jessica Parry
3 December 2015
A local artist lets us in on her artistic process and what expression means for her
Art Works: Alexa Milne
19 September 2015
A local jewellery designer and maker lets us in on her artistic process in the name of ethical production and beautiful objects
Art Works: Sarah Clifford
25 June 2013
Sarah tells us her about her illustration 'Vintage Vogue'
Art Works: Mark Manders
30 April 2013
"I’m an enthusiastic amateur, self taught and frustrated by lack of time and space to carve, but I’ll keep at it"
Art Works: Rebecca Autumn
23 September 2015

This local artist has got her fingers in all kinds of pies, and this particular pie is a theoretical set design

Art Works: Janet Wootton
11 May 2016
"I produce environmental and organic-based art in my studio and sing with the NTU Choir and Notts Operatic Society"
Art Works: Matt Jordan
30 June 2016

This local artist lets us in on his process and gives us a peek at some of the best in his collection

Art Works: David Corbett
13 October 2016

"The intention was to express the unpredictability, dynamism and spectacle of environmental protest, and to evoke the same moments of fluctuating harmony and chaos"

Art Works: Vicky Price
9 September 2016
"Initially the image went through many screen-printed and hand-coloured editions onto a variety of surfaces until it became the final printed piece in a CMYK colour format"
Art Works: Ryan Ware
21 September 2016
"Realism has been a style of artwork that has been of interest to me throughout my years as a practising artist, and a passion for cars and motorsport goes hand in hand"
Art Works: Alex MacNaughton's Pet Portraits
25 July 2018

Alex MacNaughton tell us all abaht how her proper good pawtrait business came to be...

Art Works: Richard Chung's Film Photography
25 September 2018

Richard Chung tells us all abaht how he shoots film photography...

Art Works: Vic Camilleri's Photographic Statue
12 September 2018

Local photographer and skateboarder Vic Camilleri talks us through his photographic statue...

Art Works: Charlie Delaney's Short Film Trentside
14 September 2018

Charlie Delaney gives us the lowdown on his film Trentside...

Art Works: Grand Central Station by Anna Griffin
23 May 2012

"The escalators were jerky and I began to lose my balance as I waited to be right underneath the chandelier before snapping"

Art Works: Forms of Control by Beth Shapeero
27 May 2012

"I am trying to form an ambiguous sense of understanding and locate the viewer in literal, nonrepresentational forms and structures"

Art Works: Twenty Fifteen by Allan Binns
17 March 2012

"The studio floor is covered with snippets from fantastical comic books, holiday brochures and 1960s ‘gentleman’s special interest’ magazines"

Art Works: The Shopping List Project by Rosie MacLennan
3 July 2012

"There is something so precious about this casually discarded piece of life detailing so much about a household’s existence, it’s an incredible celebration of the routines of life"

Art Works: Alys Power's Contemporary Jewellery
16 March 2017

A local artist lets us in on her creative secrets...

Art Works: Heidi Hargreaves of Dukki
7 July 2015
Have you seen that Nottingham-themed shop in Broadmarsh? The lady who runs it has told us a thing or two about the craic
Art Works: Lucy Jane Illustration
28 January 2016

Local artist Lucy Jane lets us in on her illustration techniques and tells us a little bit about a specific piece of hers, Being Yourself, Is Better

Art Works: Joana Quintas Faria
21 March 2016
"I covered the plates with layers of white thread to simultaneously create the feeling of a web and fog. A cobweb suggests things that were abandoned or left behind, holding the object tight but rendering it inaccessible at the same time"
Art Works: Tony Fisher Photography
10 March 2016
"Birds – particularly deceased ones – feature a lot in my work. A Little Death At McDonald's, for example, is of a bird who smashed into a window at a burger place I was eating at in Almeria, Spain, and fell at my feet"
Art Works: Murray Royston-Ward
13 April 2016

"The binman walked through the space next to the gate, looked a little confused and was very apologetic for disturbing us. I continued while he emptied the bins with metal clattering sounds in the background. Whether he knew it or not, he'd somehow joined in the improvisation"

Art Works: Laura-jay Doohan
4 May 2016

"I have one particular image of Jesus Christ, engaging in what a woman at the Contemporary called an 'unsavoury' activity"

Art Works: Yajie 'Sophie' Jiang
13 October 2016
"I don't tell the clay how to move, rather I 'listen' to it and feel how it wants to form"
Art Works: Fashion Designer Amber L Snow
4 January 2016
A young woman who's making big waves with her sea-inspired collection, Virtues of Venus
Art Works: Joff and Ollie's Beam Table Lamp
28 March 2016
The Lane By Post chaps reveal all about their lamp and how much they love it
Art Works: Makeup Artist Emma Berry
22 February 2016
A local artist lets us in on her techniques
Art Works: Pauline Woolley's Sunshine Photography
27 July 2016

This combined photographic image of the sun moving across the sky, in both Spain and the Maldives, was created using a homemade pinhole camera and a 35mm camera

Art Works: Dani Leber's Detailed Illustrations
1 November 2016

This local artist lets us in on the creative process undertaken for her illustration, Om...

Art Works: Laura Mathews' Turquoise Flying Horse
1 November 2016

This local artist lets us in on the creative process for her MDF creatures...

Art Works: Billy Partridge
16 February 2017

This local artist talks us through his creative process...

Art Works: Mariano Doronzo
1 February 2017

A local artist talks about his photography project - Through The Looking Glass...

Art Works: Artgoon
7 April 2017

A local artist reveals the story behind his album art for Giggs' Landlord...

Art Works: Mary Preston
7 July 2017

The Nottingham Trent University graduate on her Laminar Flow bench...

Art Works: Alanna Chamberlain
22 July 2017

The feminist artist on her pin badge piece, Goddess of Growth...

Art Works: Gray Silva
25 October 2017

A local tattoo artist lets us in on his creative process...

Art Works: Siddharth Varma
25 March 2018

Local artist, Siddharth Varma, on his beautiful ink masterpiece... 

Art Works: Jasmin Issaka
25 June 2018

The local artist on her love of chaos...

Art Works: Nicola Halford
9 July 2018

Nottingham artist Nicola Halford gives us the lowdown on her glass panel painting... 

Art Works: Robert Lever
16 October 2018

He might not hail from Hoodtown, but he's obsessed with our architecture...

Art Works: Chantelle Arnold
21 November 2018

Creator of the Bookish Plant Pots, Chantelle Arnold, had a chat with us abaht her works and her ever-growing plant collection...

Art Works: Kelly Fung
7 February 2019

Kelly Fung gives us the lowdown on her contemporary piece, Sit Down... 

Art Works: Ronan Somerville
7 February 2019

Ronan's illustrated chess board is decorated with meaningful creatures...

Art Works: David Smee
15 March 2019

David gives us the lowdown on his illustrations...

Art Works: Christos Gkenoudis
8 April 2019

His piece, titled Rodon, is a physical representation of his brainwaves...

Art Works: Susan Dodd
16 April 2019

Serial-collector Susan gives us the lowdown on her piece, 250 Years of Circus... 

Art Works: Joanna Whittle
9 May 2019

 Joanna Whittle gives us the low down on intricate paintings

Art Works: Laura Bosely
10 May 2019

Check out her piece, Collaged Visions of Nottingham...

Art Works: Corrina Rothwell
7 June 2019

You'll recognise her work from our regular feature, Blather... 

Art Works: Cong Nguyen
20 June 2019

This film poster is bound to give you the creeps...

Art Works: Sally Sheinman
10 July 2019

"It is a responsibility and a great joy to have a never-ending project."

Art Works: Alex Rubes
8 August 2019

There's more to the badgers than meets the eye...

Art Works: Cyrilyn Silver
29 August 2019

"Even in the hard seasons of life, there is treasure to be found, if we look for it."

Art Works: AlanJames Burns
17 September 2019

He's thought deeply about the art of thinking... 

Art Works: Robin Perko
4 November 2019

There's not many traditional portrait painters left...

Art Works: Helena Tyce
21 November 2019

The Savoy piece was created as an ode to an unsung hero of Nottingham architecture... 

Art Works: Leosaysays
25 February 2020

Moonliffe is a 2D action adventure video game being developed by regular LeftLion illustrator and all-round good-egg Leosaysays.

Art Works: Kay Arefaine
18 February 2020

Kay Arefaine talks us through his striking faux leather creation: Teenage Fever

Art Works: Zoe Kirk
18 March 2020

Feast your eyes on her waterfall-inspired creation... 

Art Works: Saffron Bramley-Astle
30 June 2017

The Nottingham Trent University graduate on her Ziggy Stardust Tribute Costume...

Art Works: Keith Bloody Mary
12 March 2018

Our #99 cover artist on his dutty collage work...

Art Works: Dolly Loves Dallas
18 June 2018

The local artist on her process...

Art Works: Gul Bains-Khosa
12 October 2018

She loves nothing more than making folk feel beautiful...

Art Works: Kate Shipman-Shiel
13 October 2019

When does a reflection or shadow become as physical as a 3D object? At what point does light become a sculptural component in an installation? What is solid, what is immaterial and does it really matter?

Art Works: Colin Anthony Robson
7 March 2020

Painter and designer Colin Anthony Robson tells us about his work, Prelude...

Art Works: Kai-Yan Lai
11 July 2020

After bagging success at the Young Creative Awards, Kai-Yan Lai has earned himself a successful career behind the camera... 

Art Works: Naa Ahinee Mensah
21 July 2020

Artist Naa Ahinee Mensah tells us about her George Floyd triptych...

Art Works: Camille Lea Pearson's Digital Illustrations
27 March 2017

A local artist lets us in on her creative process...

Art Works: Anthony Freeman's Grungy Lion Illustration
16 April 2017

A local artist lets us in on his artistic process..

Art Works: Anna Wheelhouse's The Fair at Stanley Road
4 August 2017

A local artist lets us in on her creative process...

Art Works: Woodworker Martin Sommerville at By Our Hands We Make Our Way
25 November 2018

Martin Sommerville talks to us abaht his wooden puppet, Hobo...

ArtWorks: The Time Freeze Fan Club
20 October 2011

"The fact that we somewhat resemble the original cast is only due to the impact this show had on our lives"

Fine Art degree show
18 June 2008
Fine art works by eighty young art hopefuls, the 2008 Degree Show.