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The Bakehouse

Welcome to The Bakehouse! We are a Nottingham based artisan bakery that is passionate about using traditional methods to create great tasting breads, cakes, biscuits and more. Everything we make is a product of love and time. The recipes we use are based on traditional techniques and natural ingredients.
Having worked as a professional chef for many years with the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Mark Hix, I have always maintained a passion for baking. Starting out at Nottingham’s award winning Langar Hall, it was here I learnt the importance of quality ingredients and traditional methods. Quality always comes first. Moving to London I was fortunate enough to work in some of the best restaurants and immerse myself in the best food scene in the world, from fine dining restaurants to the booming street food culture.
With a wife who shares my love of baking, especially the tasting part, it only felt right that we should share this love with you through our bakery/cafe.

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The Bakehouse
631-633 Mansfield Road
0115 956 9430
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