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Curious? Nottingham

Curious? houses the artists' studios of Sarah Manton, Jessica Kemp (JAK in the Green) and Sarah Sewell (Wildgoose Designs).  We also deliver artist-led workshops, courses and masterclasses, calling upon the expertise of our wide circle of creative chums to provide high quality, entertaining and unique arts and crafts learning experiences.

Looking for something other than a hangover from your hen party?  Curious? would be delighted to host you and your friendship or family group to whip up some crafty joy for your hen party, stag party, birthday or any other celebratory shenanigans for that matter!... We love a party and we love making stuff!

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events at this venue...
Studios 21-22, Avenue B
Sneinton Market Avenues
07842 461 926
Nottingham City Transport