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Flo Skatepark

Flo Skatepark is part of the Projekt Skatepark Family; a not-for-profit Social Enterprise.


Situated roughly ten minute’s walking distance away from Nottingham train station and Broadmarsh bus station, Flo Skatepark is a mainstay of the Nottingham and related East Midlands skate and BMX scenes.
With two years of existence under its belt come August 2017, Flo Skatepark is firmly established in the national skate and BMX consciousness and stands as the largest and most diverse indoor skatepark in the East Midlands.

After the park’s initial opening and subsequent temporary closure in early 2015, Flo Skatepark returned as a community space in August 2015 and has flourished ever since and is 100% guaranteed to stay open and active within the skate, BMX and wider communities for the foreseeable future.

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events at this venue...
5 Poulton Drive
07863 130 300