Ibran Promotions

Over the years we have developed different techiques and tricks for helping bands and artists to get their feet off the ground. The biggest difficulty for any unsigned musician is getting exposure and spreading your music.

A lot of musicians fall into the trap of thinking just performing well is enough to get the break needed.

Performing well on stage is one thing and it is very important to have the right music that people like. Like in business though, the product is nothing if people don’t know about it. Similarly your music is nothing without promoting it. This is where we come in. Our years of expertise combined with our tailor-made packages will help get your music from being something that is listened to on your computer to something that is being listened to on computers throughout the world.

So if you’re an unsigned, under-appreciated musical genius looking to get the exposure you deserve, Ibran Promotions is the right choice for you.

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