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JT Soar

JT Soar is an ex-fruit and vegetable warehouse turned DIY music and arts space, just outside Nottingham city centre, next to Sneinton Marketplace. [email protected] JT Soar also houses a recording studio and rehearsal room ran by Phil Booth, contact him for more info on 07854889034 or email him at [email protected] Previous bands recorded at JT Soar include Human Hands, La Boite Diabolique, Plaids, Ace Bushy Striptease, T-Shirt Weather, Papayer, Seas Of Mirth, Sneinton, Library Music, Hot Japanese Girl, Satnams Tash, Mucus Mules and many more....

Upcoming events

Saturday 04 December 7pm
Big Lad
Live Music
Aberdeen Street
07854 889 034