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Natural Wing Chun

Natural Wing Chun brings to Nottingham an ultra effective form of martial arts that provides far more than simply an ability to defend yourself. By training in the correct manner you shall improve your posture and calm the mind making you far more effective as an individual in addition to improving your health and well-being. Wing Chun is designed to allow people to overcome larger and stronger opponents by making the most of our structural ability and greatly improving our reflexes and sensitivity. The particular system of Wing Chun taught has been learnt directly from Augustine Fong (one of the most respected martial arts masters in the world - see ) and is available to learn in a simple and well structured manner. The emphasis of our organisation is to have you progress as quickly in the art as possible rather than to take your hard earned cash. The system is taught based on concepts and principles rather than by a confusing and seemingly endless stream of techniques. There is no insistence on grading, but rather we want you to progress as soon as you are ready and for the minimum of fees. The class is open to everyone who is over 13yrs old irrespective of ability. We invite you down to our Lenton class for a free trial lesson.

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