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The Newshouse

The Newshouse is the oldest surviving address on Canal Street with a literary history dating back to the 1800s. But this long-standing, well-reputed Castle Rock pub is also home to Totally Brewed brewery, so it’s a proper pub with the vibrancy of a craft brewer’s tap.

The building itself is notable for its blue exterior tiling, and it’s traditional set-up of two rooms with a central bar. Sports are shown on the big screen, and it’s a favourite stop off for a game of darts or billiards.

The Newshouse family gives a lot of autonomy to the customer when it comes to beer range. Manager Colin reckons customer participation is the whole point of the pub business, and the range of beers on offer – particularly those from the local brewing scene – is an ode to that community mentality.

This Nottingham Craft Beer Week, the Newshouse launches the new Totally Brewed and North Riding collaboration beer A Slap up North and is offering 20p off all pints of craft keg beers (there are five in total).

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123 Canal Street
0115 950 2419
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