Nonsuch Studios

Nonsuch Theatre is an international physical theatre company. All our members have trained and worked in multiple countries and among us are representatives from 7 different European nations.

We make Freerange theatre and by this we mean we don't restrict ourselves with artistic boundaries or formalities, instead we roam free, we travel, we explore new territories, learning and sharing what we learn with the people around us.

Our work can be separated into three main strands: Performance, Outreach and Space - we create and devise contemporary physical theatre performance then share our skills and expertise with the wider community and work to build creative spaces that support  artists and local communities.

Through this approach we make theatre that is eclectic and accessible, exciting and innovative. We make theatre with the goal of trying to make the world a better place. We don't think we've set the bar too high, do you?

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92 Lower Parliament Street
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