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The Snobby Butcher

Wander into J.T. Beedham's butcher's shop on Mansfield Road in Sherwood and peruse the range of products on offer: delicacies such as curry sausages and Hungarian Kolbasz would give the first clue that this is probably something a little bit more exotic than your run-of-the-mill butchers - but then Johnny Pusztai, its owner, is very far removed indeed from your average butcher.

All of the meat is locally farmed and then cured and smoked on the premises. The smoker, which looks like half a garden shed attached to a wall, is in the yard at the back of the shop. Once cured, steeped to rid it of the excess salt and then dried, the meat (not just bacon but also chicken, duck, mutton and sausages) is smoked over oak chippings for 24 hours. Lit on Fridays, the delicious smell then wafts over Sherwood to tempt the weekend shoppers!

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556 Mansfield Road
0115 960 5901