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Ted Barber

Art of barbering is a long-standing Kurdish tradition, dating back to the time of Mesopotamian. Now, Ted Barber isn’t quite that old, but we started our first shop from 1996 in Kurdistan and we opened the second shop in Greece in 2000. 

Kurdish barbering is a skill that’s handed down from generation to generation and a master barber only passes on his title (and razor) to his apprentice after many years of training which is nice to know. 

Smothered in hot towels, splashed with astringent lemon cologne and given a full face massage, ear-flaming, threading and much more. Ted Barber found the entire experience incredibly relaxing and without a moment’s hesitation we decided to bring the experience to the UK (Nottingham) and open Ted Barber. After all, we knew plenty of gents who like things trim and proper.

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