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Poddingham: Natalie Duncan

25 September 12 words: Poddingham
She was on Jools Holland this week alongside The Beach Boys, Muse and The XX, but here's a session she did with us back in May

Natalie Duncan is an extraordinary artist. She first appeared on Poddingham three years ago  as an emerging artist, when she was playing Sunday jazz sessions at The Bell Inn. Now, having played Buckingham Palace, worked with Goldie, and being signed by Universal Records, she is on the cusp of international fame. Tonight (25 September 2012) she appears on Later with Jools Holland alongside The Beach Boys, Muse and The XX.

But back in May we got this live session as a Poddingham exclusive - including world-premieres of new tracks from her forthcoming album.


  • Lonely Child
  • Interview Part One
  • Lovers On The Washing Line
  • Interview Part Two
  • Songbird

If you want to listen to the podcast version of this session and interview then click the audio link on the right hand side of this page.

Natalie Duncan's official website


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