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Secret Wars: Liskbot vs Rikki Finn

2 October 12 words: Alison Emm
LeftLion illustrator Rikki Finn competed in the Secret Wars grand final in Birmingham, and came home as the champion

The first rule about Secret Walls is… Yeah, it’s overused but seriously, I’m not being lazy; Secret Walls is just like Fight Club but way more practical and far less bloody.  And – we don’t think – not run by someone with a split personality. 

Started in the UK back in 2006, it’s the simple concept of two artists, two white walls, some fat black markers and ninety minutes to draw like mad. It’s since spread to America and Europe and, well, everywhere.

Our resident man of many pens, Rikki Finn, managed to smash his way through the rounds in Birmingham to come out ultimate champion last Sunday at The Rainbow Venues in Birmingham against local artist Liskbot.  With a crammed room, loud music blaring, and serious pride at stake – it was a tense ninety minutes as the artists filled their allotted boards.

A victorious Rikki Finn with his winning piece - photo by Dom Henry

A victorious Rikki Finn with his winning piece - photo by Dom Henry

No fight should be clean and with disses from both sides within the art, they barely glanced at each other throughout, every minute counting.  Rikki seemed to start slower, sketching a giant robot out whilst the Liskbot had already drawn the Grim Reaper pushing a caricature of Rikki in a wheelchair. Rikki quickly fattened out the lines though and the time raced by. It was the finals so, as you'd expect, both were on it.

Scored out of three - two (neutral) judge votes and the crowd appreciation, Rikki had nailed it in every previous round through judges votes alone. After rallying the troops for the final, Nottingham was well represented - despite our numbers being down on what was Liskbot’s home turf.  Still, with the decibel ratings coming in at 100.9dB for Liskbot and a marginal 101.2dB win for Rikki, we came, we saw and we screamed as loud as we could. Then, as we all knew he would, Rikki killed it and got both the judges votes too.  A battle well won and deserved.

With a local, national, European and global league, Rikki is now determined to get together a Notts team to compete in the Euros. Get in touch with the man himself @rikkimarr or on his facebook page if you are interested and can hold your own.

The Secret Walls website

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