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Gamifying Healthcare

31 March 14 words: NBG
On the eve of their next workshop, we look at last month's Next Business Generation session where health professionals and gamers collaborated

Last month Next Business Generation delivered a Spark event called Gamifying Healthcare to a  sold out audience, in conjunction with Nottingham's Game City. 

Iain Simons from Game City and Jonathan Smith from TT Games set the tone of the evening by saying "we want you to think about and play some games!" Participants were then shown demonstrations from some well-known games such as space invaders and singstar, Iain asked the audience to consider "are these games?"

Jonathan then talked to the room about how games can be good for you, exemplifying how his son learnt how to play the drums and enjoys playing on the game rock star and how this has enriched his life. He also talked about how his father suffers from Parkinson’s disease and how he believes that by playing real time strategy games on his computer moderates his mood every day and makes him able to share these experiences with his family. Read more about this workshop on the Next Business Generation website

This Friday Next Business Generation have their next workshop Re-imagining The City at The Vintage Warehouse. Sign up to attend on the Next Business Generation website.

Video filmed and edited by Sean Scully and Richard Bradshaw for LeftLion Extended.

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