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Mayhem 2014: Astron-6

29 October 14 words: Harry Wilding
We caught up with Matt Kennedy, one sixth of the collective, prior to the Mayhem screenings of their short films and their feature The Editor

Where does the name Astron-6 come from?
Adam and Jeremy came up with the Astron-6 label back in 2006. There are five of us (me, Adam Brooks, Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski, Conor Sweeney) in the group and the sixth member is you - the audience at home!

How are the next film projects – and the job roles for it – chosen?
Generally one of us comes up with a concept and the rest throw in their ideas. We work better when all of us are involved in some way, in my opinion. Everyone brings their own special flavour and we all work together well, especially on set. Steve excels at monsters and makeup. Jer's a great writer, musician and graphic designer. Adam and Conor and I write, direct and act. Steve and Jer are currently getting their next writing/directing gig off the ground. 

Are your films as fun to make as they are to watch?
Improvising is fun. Writing gags is fun. Almost nothing about shooting with no money is fun beyond that.

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Have you been to Nottingham before? If not, what do you know of the city prior to visiting?
Never been. Only know about the Robin Hood bullshit. 

Mayhem Film Festival has been going for ten years now – anything like it in Canada?
There are many great horror fests in Canada. Dedfest in Edmonton, Alberta. Calgary underground. Toronto after dark. Etc etc. We've been to most of them and had a great time. 

Any plans to see any other films at Mayhem this year?
Anything we can!

The Mayhem 2012 audience were chanting ‘Manborg’ over and over before the screening that year and then prior to Bio-Cop being shown in 2013. Are you looking forward to the high possibility this will happen at you this year? Or are you just a bit scared?
Would love to hear people chant 'Editor'. Really scared though.

Are Astron-6 particularly popular in certain places in the world or is your popularity pretty evenly spread throughout humankind?
The UK seems to have a lot of love for Astron-6. Australia also treats us like The Beatles. We hope to one day be on the Canadian walk of fame.

Which eighties film do you wish you had made?
Back to the Future.

Which giallo film do you wish you had made?

If (in a weird dystopian future) only one artistic endeavour was allowed to survive per person, which film would you choose of yours? 
The first episode of Divorced Dad (unreleased). I'm not sick of it yet. 

What’s next for Astron-6?

An Astron-6 short film showcase (7pm) and The Editor (9pm) will be shown as part of Mayhem Film Festival on Thursday 30 October 2014. Matt Kennedy will be in attendance with Adam Brooks and Conor Sweeney for an Introduction and Q&A session.

Astron-6 site

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