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European Archery Championship Countdown Pops Off at Nottingham Council House

13 January 16 words: Lucy Manning
A ballsy balloon trick shot kicks off the search for the real life Robin Hood

Archer Duncan Busby popped down to Nottingham Council House to shoot his arrow through a load of balloons. "Oo-er!" I hear you cry. The modern day Robin Hood was the man of the hour as he attempted the trick shot to mark the opening of the European Archery Championship which will take place in Nottingham in May 2016.

Yep, for the first time since 1978, we’ll be home to a whole host of archery professionals, including many of the European Olympic archery hopefuls, and we’ll become the first step on their archery Road to Rio, as it will form the European Continental qualifying tournament for the 2016 Olympics. How good's that, eh?

While training, the opening ceremony and qualifying rounds will be held at the University of Nottingham’s Highfields playing fields between 23 and 27 May, the grand final (28 – 29 May) will see Old Market Square transformed into a proper, top-notch archery stadium. We don’t do things by halves round ‘ere.

European Archery Championships website

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