Crowdfunder Campaign: Lucidity

22 October 16 words: Harry Wilding
This Nottingham short film needs some help to get made

A group of local filmmakers are coming together to create a short psychological horror/thriller titled Lucidity and are looking for help from the public to get the project funded. 

Nottingham based Oli Braybrook writes and directs this film is about lucid dreaming; the ability to acknowledge that one is in a dream and control varying aspects of it. The film follows the story of Daniel, an office worker who is plagued by a repetitive nightmare. One night, he finally realises he is dreaming, which is a catalyst that ignites a purpose in him. While improving his life, his nightmares continue, only now he can manipulate and explore the dream while trying to find out why his mind is putting him through it.

While there is a small budget already in place, the team are looking to the public to help support the film financially, aiming to raise a total of £3000 through their crowdfunding scheme, which will go towards set builds, SFX, lighting and more. Each donation will be thanked for personally on the films social media pages and rewards will be on offer for higher donation amounts, such as exclusive updates, DVD’s, props, signed scripts, an opportunity to spend the day on set etc.

The campaign was launched on Wednesday 19 October and will run until Wednesday 9 November.

Lucidity Crowdfunder Page
Lucidity Facebook

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