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Music Video: Torn Sail - Treasure

7 October 17

A taster from the band's forthcoming new album, This Short Sweet Life...

Torn Sail are led by Huw Costin - former frontman of Earth The Californian Love Dream as well as being a damn fine solo artist in his own right.

This Short Sweet life is a self-released effort with copies available for pre-order now via Indiegogo. The album features contributions from Mark Lanegan (who describes the album as ''A Masterpiece'') & BJ Smith (Smith & Mudd).

Huw Costin says about This Short Sweet Life: "Simply put - this record should be out in the world. We need your support to make it happen. We don't fit with any label but ours and yours.

"I need your help to make This Short Sweet Life available so that it can be played, shared, e-mailed, or even wiped, piled up, lent against, scratched, caressed, loved and put snugly between other records on a shelf, lent to friends, handed down to children, someday bought for a quid from the charity shop, or sold for a small fortune on discogs. If I have any funding left over then I'll put it towards the next album or even get the band back out on the road and play some shows. If I don't make all the money, well, I'm making the records anyway. I'll just be a little hungrier."

This Short Sweet Life by Torn Sail is released Friday 1 December 2017. Pre-order the album via Indiegogo.

Huw Costin performs solo at Hockley Hustle, Sunday 8 October 2017. 

Torn Sail support Michael Chapman at the Running House, Tuesday 8 November 2017. 

Huw Costin / Torn Sail website

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