Nusic Future Session: Laurie Illingworth

9 August 18 video: Nusic

The latest Nusic Future Session, for your lugholes and your eye pipes...

Filmed at Nottingham's answer to Maida Vale - Confetti's 'Space 2'.

Presenter: Mark Del
Vision Mixer: Merryn Rae Peachey
Camera Operators: Rio Knight, Jake Pearce, Hamid Shiekh
Floor Manager: Georgia Ostell
Live Audio: Matt Tritton, Aaron Patchett
Audio Mix: Steven Hopkin
Lighting: Tom Inglis
Production: Henry Walker
Producer: Sam Nahirny
Editor: Sam Nahirny
Exec Producer: Mark Del
Video Wall:  Josh Gerry

With special thanks to Russ Noon, Rob Baldock, Sam Wheatley, Chris Hallam, Tony Coleman, Oliver Parker, Mark Rice, Craig Chettle, Jamie Cash, Johann Chipol and Toby Curson.

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