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Music Video: The Shrives - Money Maker

16 March 18

The rock ’n’ roll band with an eclectic mix of stratospheric ska, subversive country and visceral punk attitude are rumbling beneath the rocks with their first release since their debut album...

Matt Grocott from the band explains about the video: "Money Maker is about yearning for somebody who’s already gone. A love that lasted five minutes but hurts for a lifetime.

"Filming it was cold, but we were over the moon with the colour of sky. The closed fair rides and amusements, on such a gloomy day, lent us a real romantic backdrop - The poignancy and melancholy we’d been aiming for to match the lyrics.

"Joe nearly got hypothermia, we got strange looks from the locals, ate chips and drank Red Stripe. We must have looked quite silly. Four sleep deprived outcasts with questionable hair, mouthing lyrics and air drumming. What more could a young band hope for on a day out?

"We also loved working with Charlie Jones-Gosling [video director] for the first time. Charlie is a real humble talent and definitely one to watch as we’re planning to use her for the next two videos."

Money Maker by The Shrives is out now. The band's debut album Back In The Morrow is available to buy and stream.

The Shrives website

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