TRCH Classic Thriller Season

Nusic Future Session: Emily Makis

29 May 18 words: Nusic

New Music, from Nottingham, for Nusic. The latest artist in the Nusic Future Session studio is Emily Makis...

Production Manager: Henry Walker
Live Audio: Jordan Hallam, Matt Tritton
Lighting: Duncan Lewis, Tom Inglis, Max Valentine
LED Video:  Jess Gray, Abby Kelly
Production/Floor Mgmt: Georgia Ostell
Vision Mixer: Ben Clarke
Camera Operators: Kyle Smith, Molly O'Keefe
Producer/Editor: Sam Nahirny
Exec Producer/Presenter: Mark Del

With special thanks to: Russ Noon, Rob Baldock, Sam Wheatley, Chris Hallam, Tony Coleman, Oliver Parker, Mark Rice, Craig Chettle, Jamie Cash

Spread the love to: Ronika, Arc Nade and Nina Smith

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