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Lost City

Deep Fakes From Nottingham History

3 March 21 video: Nigel King

Ever wondered what it would be like to see video of historical figures who existed before video cameras? We've deep faked some figures from Nottingham history so you need wonder no more...

This video features deep fakes of the following (in order of appearance):

  • Lord Byron, Poet and politician, 1788 - 1824

  • Ada Lovelace, Mathematician, 1815 - 1852

  • William Booth, Founder of The Salvation Army, 1829 - 1912

  • Watson Fothergill, Architect, 1841 – 1928

  • Sir Frank Bowden, Founder of Raleigh, 1848 – 1921

  • Jesse Boot, Founder of Boots, 1850 – 1931

  • Herbert Kilpin, Founder of AC Milan, 1870 – 1916

  • Albert Iremonger, Notts County Goalkeeper, 1884 – 1958

  • DH Lawrence, Author, 1885 – 1930

  • Albert Ball, Fighter Pilot, 1896 – 1917

  • Tom Blower, First Man To Swim The North Channel, 1914–1955

Original videos by Nigel King, put together using the Deep Nostalgia from My Heritage
Edited together by Jared Wilson.
Soundtrack music is World Changer by Nameless Servant.


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