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The Comedy of Errors

LeftLion Magazine #106

1 October 18 words: LeftLion

With Paranormal Activity, Nottingham Tarot Cards, A Keymaster in Notts, Nottingham's Caves, Lytisha Tunbridge, Just The Tonic, Newstead Abbey and more...

Ayup Duck
Notts news straight from the fowl-mouthed duck, plus Overheard in Notts, Blather and Overheard In Notts

Snap Notts
Pictures and a poem that capture the student nightlife and tomfoolish charm of Lenton

A Keymaster in Notts
A bloke who designs escape rooms tells of ghoulish secrets and psychopathic musings

Ghost Town
Spooky doors, paranormal entertainment and real-life ghost-bustin’ boggers are afoot

A howlin’, trippy tale of pugs, bishops and transformations in a ruff alternate reality

Abbey Endings
A history of death at Newstead Abbey, and a chat with The White Lady who haunts it

Realm of Darkness
Don’t stamp your feet too hard, or you could end up in one of the many caves of Notts

What’s The Deal?
A twisted Notts version of a tarot card deck for you to check out what your future holds

Farah Kandaker Poster
Nottingham is re-imagined with creatures and ghoulish figures lurking abaht the place

Art Works
Take a look at a henna tattoo and a charcoal illo, and read about this issue’s cover artist

Improv On
Twenty-year-old troupe MissImp explain that improv isn’t as scary as this October issue

Get Your Acts Together
Celebrate Just The Tonic’s birthday by reading about Johnny Vegas in a Santa outfit

Tunnin’ Up
Poetry, expanding horizons and opposing austerity are some of Lytisha T’s daily goings-on

Our Nottingham Things
Poetry workshops and the locals’ favourite stuff meet Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music

Music Reviews
Featuring Juga-Naut x Sonnyjim, Paul Ibboston, Chloe McShane, J. Cooper and Theorist

We ventured to Kean’s Head, COSMO, and Lagan, hoping for no horror stories the next day

Stuff To Do
All the spooky and normal-ish events you shouldn’t miss before and on All Hallow’s Eve

More Stuff To Do
All the goings-on, and our Screen Editor’s F For Film column on Mayhem Film Festival

The Goose is Loose
Will a hero answer our call to stop the rise of the machines?

The ancient wisdoms of tarot have been utilised in the foretelling of soul destiny for bleddy yonks. We hath dug out some of...

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